8 Web Design Trends to Help You Win the Battle of Eyeballs

The field of information technology (IT) is a never-ending process that is evolving with something innovative and revolutionary with each passing day. Professional website designing can be termed as the most relevant instance in this regard. Today, even the smallest businesses have websites, and their growth, to a large extent, depends on how fairly their websites are doing in cyberspace.

Websites designed and developed by any reputed website designing company in Delhi are a prerequisite these days if any particular business wants to target the maximum number of customers. Therefore, it becomes necessary for all business websites to keep pace with the latest in the digital space featuring everything that customers around the globe love, like, and admire.

This post explores some of the latest web designing trends that have not only dominated the year 2020 but also are going to stay in the times to come-

1- Digital Illustrations

As far as the visual imagery in a website is concerned, digital illustrations have become a part and parcel because of the following reasons-

  • Digital illustrations provide your designs with uniqueness and singularity while making websites stand out from the crowd with a powerful emotional connection with your visitors.
  • These illustrations are a versatile tool in the hands of designers associated with any website designing company in Delhi that can be used to serve a large number of purposes such as feature descriptions and/or as a minute icon in the navigation bar.

There are mainly two types of illustrations that most website designers use –

  1. Hand-drawn flat illustrations
  2. Three-dimensional ones.

The flat-drawn ones provide your websites with high-quality craftsmanship and the three-dimensional ones that are a new phenomenon in the field of website designing help designers to add more realism to a particular website while erasing the boundary between physical and digital domains.

2- Color Vibrancy

All the digital product designers associated with a good website design company are trying hard to make use of vibrant colors as they give an unmatched visual interest to a layout. The vibrancy in colors plays a crucial role in grabbing the attention of the visitors and it is one of the most effective and efficient ways to achieve that in any kind of web design. Bright colors used in the background of the website not only grab the attention of the visitors easily but also provide them with an unforgettable experience, creating special memories for them concerning that particular brand.

3- Hero Video Headers

In contemporary times, “Show, don’t tell” has become a basic principle of a great website design carried out by any website design company of substance. Imagery has always been playing a great role in visual designs be it a business website or an advertisement for printing purposes.

Apart from it, the imagery also helps web designers to convey any particular idea powerfully and quickly. There was a time when professional designers had to make use of static imagery to serve the purpose, but now the scenario is completely changed. With the use of Hero Video Headers, the web designers’ community is trying to convert their homepages into a theatre-like experience.

Video has an incredible capability to engage users more effectively, and as a result, they spend more time while watching those captivating clips. These highly-engaging videos that are used in a hero section can be a clip of a few seconds of looped format video to amazing full-length preview clips accompanied by an impressive voiceover.

4- Bold Typography

Strongly presented content has always been a crucial part of the entire designing process. Any design created by the designers of a good website design company must honor the message that a business owner wants to convey to its potential visitors. At this juncture, bold typography is what can make all the difference. Using it, web designers can put the screen-dominating text in the center stage. Bold fonts not only increase readability but also serve various functional purposes of a website.

5- Geometric Patterns

There was a time when geometric patterns were used by interior decorators heavily in the interior as well as exterior designs. As per the latest in web design, web designers across the globe are using geometric shapes and patterns to deliver extremely beautiful and aesthetically appealing websites. They are using SVD as well as HD quality PNGs as backgrounds. These backgrounds supported by geometric patterns scale excellently well leaving you quite worry-free about how they will appear on diverse screens.

6- In-your-face Interstitials

Pop-ups have made a great come-back again, but now they are more brazen. In modern web designs, they are called interstitials. All web designers associated with the best website designing company in Delhi are making very smart use of this web design tool. These interstitials appear as and when a visitor starts navigating to a site while inviting him or her to sign up for their promotional kinds of stuff.

7- Integrating social media apps

Social media integration is one of the most important features of a modern website. You will see no website without social media buttons on it these days. Demand for social media integration has increased by leaps and bounds in the past 10 years and it continues. Mobile phone users around the globe are doing everything on mobile these days right from browsing, accessing their social media accounts, to sharing views on different social media platforms. All mobile-friendly websites need to have social integration so that users can do the needful as per their interest and inclination.

8- Flamboyant and gimmicky designs are out

In recent times, the web designers’ community around the globe has started creating and delivering cleaner and sleeker web concepts to provide visitors with better browsing performance. They are avoiding image-heavy pages that not only make the loading process slower but also frustrate the users to the extent that they think upon leaving the website.

It is simplicity that is giving a whole new definition to the modern web designs making very smart use of the negative spaces on a website. White spaces in websites are not a new phenomenon but in 2020 the designers and developers both are making use of them for bettering the things.

With a focus on mobile, speedy, and light-weight downloads and responsiveness, all types of flamboyant and gimmicky designs are now gone. Everything has only one single purpose – to increase the conversion rate.

 The Concluding Remark

Be it a website designing company in Delhi or anywhere else, website designing is both an art and science for each company. The designers need to be in touch with what the latest is happening in the digital world. Websites act as the face of businesses these days and they, to a large extent, determine the fate of various organizations.

If you are a business and getting a brand-new website or getting an existing website revamped, then you must be very particular about the trends and features described in this post. While your web project is being carried out by any website design company, you also have to keep yourself involved in the process to keep an eye upon everything with at least some basic knowledge about the modern websites and the trends being followed.


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