Reasons why no Brand can Refuse to Acknowledge Voice Search

If you have still not taken voice search seriously in your digital promotion campaign, then this post is especially for you. According to a recently concluded research by the Northstar, more than 60% teenagers today make use of voice search regularly when they have to find anything on the internet. Voice search not only offers fun, but also great convenience making the users feel tech-savvy.
In the past 5 years, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has witnessed a sea change while evolving beyond the clever placement of a certain set of keywords. In contemporary times, the content as a whole matters more than just keywords. The content was, is and always will be the king when it comes to implementing a successful SEO campaign.
Voice search is a new phenomenon that is making business owners rethink and reshape their SEO strategy, with the help of

Top SEO Companies in Gurgaon.

If you own a website and want to stay ahead of your competition, then make sure you are well familiar with the concept of voice search. The optimization methodologies tailored for voice search are totally different from conventional keyword-based techniques.

Some major voice search applications include the following:

  • Launch of applications
  • Selection of option
  • Audio and video content search
  • Hands-free voice dialing
  • Stock quotes/sports score accessibility
  • Directory assistance
  • Diverse local searches

With the steady growth of Voice, it would be good to say that it is going to have a big immediate effect on the unprecedented increase in mobile searches.

Why voice search matters a lot for big brands:

Since the voice search system is getting popular day by day and working wonderfully well, no big brand can stay at bay from such a revolutionary advancement. Voice searches, needless to say, are going to eat up all the search methods in the times to come.

Here are some top reasons why voice search holds importance for big brands:

  • Natural, fast speed- there is no other search mechanism as fast as a voice search system.
  • Enhanced productivity – as speaking is faster than typing.
  • Massive Access – like voice recognition systems can easily be accessed by one and all.
  • Increased brand attention – as voice search is getting immensely popular the world over.

Wrapping Up-

Since voice search is garnering a huge chunk of everyday internet searches, it is of immense significance for all business owners to optimize their websites accordingly for audio search. Be it a top SEO agency in Gurgaon or anywhere else, SEO companies are changing and molding their approach keeping in view the significance of voice search.


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