5 Parameters You Might Be Ignoring For SEO Results

In this age of attention deficit, where your website is competing with million others, being listed on the first page of search results is critical. While you write the best content and populate it with keywords, you might be missing out some parameters that are critical for your SEO.

Here are five parameters you should pay attention to for getting the most of your SEO efforts:

1. Load Speed: This is the time taken by the website to load. The lesser the load time is, the better the website ranks on search engines.

2. Alt Tag.: Alternative text (Alt Tag) is used to describe images to give the search engine crawlers (and the visually impaired) more information to help them understand images, which can help them to appear in GoogleTM Images search results.

3. XML Sitemap: An XML sitemap carries the links to all the pages of the website. This is useful for crawling search engines to index the website.

4. Title Tags: Title tag is the text displayed in browser windows top bar when any webpage is open. These title tags are used by search engines while crawling and even displayed in search results which is why it is important for these tags to be of relevance to the content of the page. Be careful not to overdo title tags. Keyword stuffing may result in low rating in Google searches.

5. Meta Description Tags: Meta description tag is a brief description of the content of the particular webpage. Over optimization and keyword stuffing in Meta Description Tag is not acceptable by any search engines and may result in your website being penalized by search engines.

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