Why HTML5 is on the rise?

The dynamism of web technologies makes them hard to get mapped. However, some web technologies last for long and are not subject to abrupt fluctuations. Despite of the emergence of CCS3 or @front-face, the web designers’ excitement about the wonders of HTML5 is hard to contain. Interestingly, the new markup language has been accepted by the leading web browsers such as Opera, Chrome, Firefox and Safari as well; such acceptance has motivated many to undertake flash conversion to html5. Thanks to some of the brilliant developers, the web society got the long-awaited update to HTML4. Many digital agencies, developers and designers are creating beguiling websites with the magic of the latest version of markup language.

In addition, many developers are waiting with bated breath for the release of the latest recommendation on HTML5 specs in 2016. Listed below are reasons that describe the surging popularity of the latest markup language.

Geolocation made possible

Determining the current location through a website or any other project (using HTML5) has become a cakewalk. The new markup language’s geolocation feature helps a user get a localized working experience on a website or an app.

Video embedment

Prior to the latest version of markup language, the fusty Flash was used to incorporate videos in a website. However, the newest version of the markup language helps the web developers and designers not only embed video, but also arrange its size freely without compromising on quality.

360° view

A 360° view is possible on the elements present on a website or any project that uses HTML5. Just a little knowhow of JavaScript is required to incorporate an absolute 360° view on a website designed using the newest addition in the markup language family.

Such and many other features of the new-fangled hypertext mark-up language press the need to carry out html 5 conversion. Most website owners are jumping on the bandwagon to do flash conversion to html5.


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