Why do you need an ERP?


ERP, acronym for enterprise resource planning is an integrated programme that assists planning, organising and managing of the resources of the company to facilitate easy exchange of information, and efficient organization of the working of an enterprise.

ERP is the reason why many business units are able to successfully stay ahead of its competitors. An up to date ERP not only acts as an intranet application that accommodates efficient and optimal flow of resources within the entity, but also acts as a strategic ally aiding smooth functioning of the company.

However, is it really important that important for a business unit or just a buzzword doing rounds in the market? With so much hype created around the ERP and its advantages one might wonder if is it really a must have for one’s business unit. Let’s consider few advantages of an efficient ERP system.

Why does a business need it?

As per a 2010 survey conducted by the Aberdeen Group of Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) the prime factor cited by majority of businesses to turn to ERP solution providers was the need to reduce costs to improve operating margins, while improving customer service was the second major reason.

3 reasons to employ Enterprise Resource Planning system:

Reliability: ‘Weapons are a soldier’s best friend’ so is the case with a good ERP system. Latest ERP software configured as per the needs of a business unit provides access to quick and accurate information. This facilitates a business unit in making right and favoured decisions to accrue maximum profits.

Transparency: having clear and lucid information related to your business and related resources means a better understanding of your business needs and goals. With an appropriate ERP solution you can easily assess the strengths and weaknesses of your business and can address the areas demanding better management.

Reduced costs: while employing an ERP might seem like a costly investment but its benefits in lieu of return on investment makes it a must have for a business unit.

These are some of the most crucial reasons to update/Implement an ERP solution for your business. Contact a Sterco representative today to find out more about ERP solutions and other custom web applications for your business.


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