Top 4 SEO Techniques of 2019 to Ensure Higher Rankings

When it comes to getting strongly visible on the internet, it is necessary for SEO professionals to tame the search engines. A successful SEO strategy involves a large number of methodologies that help a particular website to rank higher in the top search engine results.

It is imperative for eCommerce websites to be technically superb as millions of customers access them at a time. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the functionality, look and feel of an eCommerce website play a decisive role in moulding the customer’s mind to buy your products or services.

In this post, you will find and explore the most significant tips of 2019 to capacitate your campaign to yield better results:

1. Avoid abusing keywords

Keywords are the medium using which you tell the search engines what your website is all about. Gone are the days when internet marketers used to infuse the same keyword many times in a single page to impress Google. Now, the norms are changed.

Keywords abuse not only makes your content a crap but also gives Google a reason to penalize you. An ideal recommendation for better SEO is to use LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords in your content. Make use of 2 to 3 keywords only for a content piece of 500-800 words.

2. Create Unique Content

The algorithm updates from Google in 2019 has revealed that it is deepening its focus on assessing content quality as well as the depth and breadth of a website as a whole. Unique, high-quality content plays a pivotal role in any SEO campaign. Make sure that the content you are using is well-written and useful for common readers.

In case your content is not unique, only a very few people give a read to it. As a result, Google will receive a weaker ranking signal from it. Rest, you know very well. When we say ‘unique content’, it means more than quality. The uniqueness of the content simply means you have to serve your visitors with content that they have not read before.

3. Avoid link building that’s done only for the sake of linking

Almost all SEO professionals lay stress only on incoming links while neglecting the external ones. In fact, external links are also of crucial importance for a successful SEO campaign. Make sure all your external links lead your visitors to high usability content. If you do linking just for the sake of linking, you will destroy your SEO campaign. You must remember that broken or bad linking discomfit and irritate your visitors.

4. Powerful on-page optimization makes a difference

On-page optimization is still one of the best and effective ways to ensure better SEO yielding. For a powerful on-page optimization, you should:

  • Use content that is capable of answering the common visitors’ queries and questions
  • Make sure that the internal search bar of your site is offering effective and relevant results
  • Ensure that repeat visitors are able to restock commonly bought products
  • Make sure all the business-related queries and procedural tasks (both light and serious) of the visitors are answered well through the enquiry form or chatbox
  • Make sure that on the main pages of the website, you are using not more than 3 keywords for a content piece of 500-800 words.


SEO is a complete science in itself which can be mastered only when you keep pace with time. Being dynamic by nature, it is changed that always remains constant in SEO. Therefore, keep a very close watch on what is happening to stay prepared for taming all major search engines, including Google.

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