Time to Get a Mobile Website for your Business

Ever tried browsing your website on your mobile… what you get to see is a wide page broken into several screens to fit your handset’s display area. It might lead you to grab your laptop and continue browsing but consider this; a business prospect may not wait for that long to explore your website properly and might switch to a competitor.

Does that spark a hint of worry? Well there is good news too. Your website can be designed to fit suitably on mobile screens and facilitate simplified navigation too.

Websites that have been designed and developed to be viewed on desktops and laptops do lack in various aspects when it comes to mobile browsing…



  • Website loading time
  • Font size
  • Flash elements might not work
  • JavaScript errors

More than 40% users tend to not visit the website again once they have a bad experience on their mobiles as stated in a recent survey.

So before you chalk out any forthcoming business strategies, place it on the top of the “to do list” to get your business a minimalistic and modern mobile website that catches the attention of your business prospects at first go.

Don’t miss out on any of the mobile website essentials:

  • Minimalistic Look & Feel
  • Crisp and a Reduced Amount of Content
  • Avoid Too Long Pages
  • Use Icons
  • Cross Browser Compatibility
  • Allow Sharing

While browsing a website on mobile handset, what the user looks for is ease and convenience in terms of finding what is desired, being able to copy and share links, pages, products etc. and connect with the organization easily. Make sure your website offers all these important elements with prominence and flawless functionality. What annoys the visitors the most is when they are made to wait while your page is loading, which means heavy pages are a strict no no for mobile websites.

So get your business a new age mobile website designed by web technology experts and make an impression that would last.

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