SEO Based Writing Misconceptions

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a familiar term now, since internet has gained a significant prominence across the world and businesses are competing on daily basis to get the desired rank on popular search engines. However, there are a number of misconceptions and confusions when it comes to SEO, as a service.

Even today, there are businesses and individuals who refrain from this competition and struggle to appear in top results and each has their own reason. What has drastically changed is that Blogging and Article Writing, which was earlier a phenomena aimed at sharing information and knowledge is rapidly transforming into a practice done merely for promotion of websites. The concept of promotion through blogs and articles is not incorrect, but the approach is.

SEO article writing and blog writing is in itself a genre of content writing which requires a blend of knowledge sharing and keyword infusion. It is not rocket science and it is not a child’s play too. The fact that needs to be kept at the back of mind while writing for SEO purposes is that the Blog/ Article must have a purpose, reading value and should benefit the reader before it benefits the website that is being promoted. The idea is to retain the reading value of the write up and adding keywords in a way that it blends with the content. The way it is done for website content writing.

The best way to achieve this is to follow the process given below:

  • Identify the readers/ TG
  • Identify what they are looking for, to read/ know
  • Select a Topic
  • List down the points to be covered
  • Prepare a flow 
  • Write the Article/ Blog
  • Infuse the keywords
  • Rephrase the parts where keywords are infused, if required
  • Read the content loud and convince yourself that it sounds helpful
  • Scrap it if it doesn’t
  • Repeat the process

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