Search Engine Optimization – All you need to know

Have you come across the term SEO often and haven’t been able to figure out the actual meaning and important yet? This might help…

What is a Search Engine?

What do you do when you are looking for information on any topic/ place or thing? You pick up your laptop/ Tablet/ Mobile and type “Google”. If that’s not your answer then you aren’t making any use of the greatest invention of all times – the internet.

Now “Google” is the best example of a search engine while you can also refer to “Yahoo Search“ or “Bing”. A search engine is a bank of all the WebPages that are present on “World Wide Web”. When ou enter a term/ phrase in the search box of any of these search engines, what you get is a result page that carries previews and links of all WebPages relevant to your search. This is the story at the front end, however in order to fetch these results, there is a lot of activity that goes on on behind the scene.

What are Keywords?

Keywords are any combination of words or even a single word at times, which are commonly used as a search string by search engine users. E.g. “best smart phone” or “shopping mall in Gurgaon”. There are zillions of websites across the Web and for search engines to generate suitable results, it is essential that they understand the purpose, content and relevancy of every WebPage that is indexed in the system. Indexing is the process of adding a page to the search engine database after analyzing and determining the page’s relevancy to search parameters.

How does it work?

When you type anything in the search box, for e.g. “blue wallpaper”, the search engines checks its database for webpages that include this keyword anywhere in the content. The search results are presented to you in order of relevance i.e. the page with exactly same keyword used will appear first and similar ones will follow.

Therefore, you find what you are looking for in a span of few seconds.

While on the other hand, the search engines keep updating their database by crawling into all the websites that exist on the web. Crawling is the process of search engines going through the websites for determining the context of the pages. Keywords play a major role here as the crawlers capture these keywords and organize the data accordingly so that relevancy of results may increase at their end.

How is SEO useful?

The process of optimising a website in a way that it appears in top results for a defined set of keywords is called Search Engine Optimisation.

Since searching for information online has become a need more than a habit for internet users, it has also become essential for businesses to have that visibility online. For e.g. if someone is looking for a “smartphone with good camera” then Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry and other companies would want to appear in the top results so that they don’t lose out on potential business. Similarly, if the search is related to your industry, appearing in top results will surely increase your chances of grabbing that opportunity without any marketing effort.

SEO is the process of adding meta keywords, meta description, enhancing your website content by infusing keywords and carrying out various activities such as URL renaming, URL submissions, blog writing and submission, rectifying canonical errors, visitor analysis etc.

How can I get SEO done for my website?

The best way to get SEO services for your website is to hire a professional Search Engine Optimization agency that will undertake complete responsibility for your website and carry out all required on page and off page activities on regular basis.

Some important facts

  • SEO is not a onetime activity, it is an ongoing process that involves regular activities
  • The web medium is volatile in nature therefore, there is no guarantee that any SEO company will get you a specific rank, however there are tools such as Google Analytics, which will help you measure the performance.
  •  Search Engine algorithms are subject to change without notice and can affect website’s performance.

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