Redesigning Your Website? Here’s Your Cheat-Sheet to Get It Right On The First Try!

Technology is all about changing for the better. The World Wide Web is the fastest transforming space of them all. Various platforms for websites, countless features, unreal amount of content types.
Having your website stand out is a mammoth task. There’s barely any website that has not undergone a facelift of some kind. Your website needs a transformation too. Not only because you and your visitors are bored of looking at the layout, but also because there is an incredible number of features and upgrades that have emerged since your site was designed and it now lacks all of them.
Here are a few things you should consider while redesigning your website:

Branding Guidelines

So you want a fresh new look and improved experience for your users. First thing first, make sure that you don’t lose your brand image in the pursuit of fresh! Unless you are rebranding and completely revamping your brand’s visual identity, make sure that your website’s new look still has synergy with your branding guidelines.

User Experience

One of the biggest pros of a website redesign is the fact that you can make a huge difference in the experience of your website visitors and improve your user retention. Special emphasis should be given to making your website’s design mobile-first as more than 70% of your website audience is going to be visiting it from a smartphone. Remember, make actions and clicks as intuitive as possible, and simplify your navigation as much as possible.

Tell Your Story

Storytelling is essential for great brand communication. In a world where hundreds upon hundreds of competing brands are vying for the user’s attention, having a compelling story for your brand can make all the difference! A website redesign is the ideal time to tell your story. Pick your characters (your products), your heroes (your team) and your villains (the challenges) and weave it into an interesting script.

Don’t Be content with Your Content

Content is the king. It has always been, it will always be. High quality, easy to understand, and completely original content. You did your homework the first time around and create great content which your visitors love. So why fix what isn’t broken, right? Resist the inertia and make sure to revamp your content. There is always space to improve something. Not only will your fresh content help with SEO, it will also be a chance for you to tweak and alter things keeping in mind your users and their behaviour so far.

Define Clear Actions

Telling a great story is only half the battle. Once you have the attention of your user, what do you want them to do next? Is a sale your immediate objective? Or is your primary objective awareness? Identify what you want your user funnel flow to be and then shape your Call To Actions accordingly.

Be clear, be concise, and most of all, be interesting!

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