Points to note before revamping a website’s design

Changes in a website’s design are significant for building the brand image and remaining abreast with the latest web designing trends. However, before embarking on any website’s design renovation task, there are some points that must be remembered.

Is there a good reason for redesigning the website?

Regular visitors to a website frown when they stumble upon its changed design. Such displeasure stems from the fact that the regulars have become familiar with the characteristics of the website. The periodical visitors might experience difficulties in getting adapted to the new design of the website. The last thing any company would want is its customers to get confounded in the digital cobwebs.

A redesigned site must be subtle. Always attempt to not throw the baby out with the bathwater while redesigning a site.

Avoid URL changes

Many webmasters opine to fix some rotten URLs of a website while its redesigning is underway. Some web designers take the redesigning opportunity to logically organize the structure of a website by placing few elements under a common page. However, this temptation to change URL might not augur well for those links that have gained reputation on the search engine(s).

Tweak CSS files for changing a site’s appearance

Websites using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for managing their appearance are easier to beautify. Just tweak the CSS files and give a facelift to the site.

Get a proper web editor

There is little to fear if the virtual toolbox is equipped with a cutting-edge web editor application. A sophisticated web editor helps in making the task of web redesigning a cakewalk. Try to lay hands on a full-blown web editing application such as Dreamweaver.

All these pointers make the redesigning task simple and beneficial for users as well as webmasters. Many innovative techniques such as cms website design and custom website designing are developed to help in making the daunting task of website redesigning simpler than before.

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