Optimize Your Business Through Social Media

Social Media Optimization or SMO is a mixture of Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. Social media is quite a lot like viral marketing where people meet online and spread the word of mouth. It is like grapevine, you like, you follow and you become a fan; your friends and people whom you influence will follow you. This is how online media is leveraged to promote brands, products and services etc. Social Media Optimization is a methodology used to attract visitors to the content of the website. Though the language used in social networking websites is very casual, in sync with the casual spirit of these websites, still a corporate image is maintained on such websites.

How does Social Media Optimization (SMO) help?

SMO is basically a process of communication and marketing objectives of a brand, product or services which is leveraged through social networking websites. SMO is used to direct traffic from social media platforms and not just from search engines.

Different formats of Social Media

Social media can be leveraged through different platforms like, internet forums, social blogs, photo and video sharing, social blogs, podcasts and the list goes endless. Basically there are different SMO features that include: RSS feeds, rating tools, polls and surveys; social news and sharing buttons that adds value and traffic to your website.

Linking Strategies

You can link your social media strategies with search engines as well by commenting on other blogs, being a part of discussions and groups and by posting updates on other social networking profiles as well. Here word of mouth is not created by friends or family, but is spread across through different social networks by social bookmarking, video and photo sharing websites.

Social Media Optimization is all about your online presence and activities and in today’s world it has become a status mark for big organisation to be updated on social media. This shows that a particular organisation is moving ahead with time and likes to socially be with people.

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