How to Market Through Facebook and Twitter

How to Market Through Facebook and Twitter

Take your business beyond campaigns, to the coffee tables and conversations. If your business is not socially connected or you don’t have any kind of online activity going on for your business then it means that you are not connected with the masses through social media. Having at least a fan page or a basic website is very important because in this tech-savvy era online or social presence is very important. A connection with your audience on a personal level is the best way communication can be optimized among society.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Marketing has always been a crucial part of any business, big or small. People who understand the importance of being social has helped in the evolution of big and small businesses. Social Media Marketing is the process of leveraging your business or websites through the various social media networks available. The concept is still in its nascent state, but as change is the only constant thing therefore, the companies who understand the value of change have adopted this medium for growth and progress.


People of all ages, belonging to all cultures and of all backgrounds have at least one same interest – shopping. As online medium is cheap and effective therefore consumers can be provided with better deals online with a virtual shopping experience and these deals can be easily promoted on Facebook. Make a Facebook fan page of your product or company or business and promote it among various communities on Facebook. Leveraging through communities on Facebook will get you your perfect target audience. You just have to make sure that you are promoting your page through right communities and offering your consumers the best you can.


Twitter is that social media platform where people can express there opinions and anyone can provide there feedback on the same. There is huge number of tweets posted daily on twitter so if you wish to promote your product through Twitter then keep in mind that you have to attract your audience. Use of jargons like Discount, Free, Best Deals or Latest will help you attract your consumers to your business. Remember never overdo by posting too many links and your message gets only 140 characters so provide the entire information in a crisp manner. Present you advertisement in an advertorial manner as that would be more subtle.

Social media is an extremely useful tool and if used properly, companies can get their information, product descriptions, promotions all integrated in the chain of networking world.


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