How ‘Content is the King’ in Digital Marketing Spectacle?

Back in 90s Bill Gates made a blatant statement “Content is the King”, the far-sightedness of IT guru makes sense in today’s context as well. Spine of marketing, content is the most organic and trustworthy way to ideate a marketing strategy and promote businesses across platforms. Sonja Jefferson explains, “Content in the form of blogs compiled by industry experts traversing across various mediums is very impactful and contributes greatly to enhance conversion rates, in engaging audience and stead fasting brand value amongst audiences.”

Top digital marketing agencies in India are affirmative on the fact that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing are pillars of any brand strategy for promotion pertaining to Digital marketing services- SEO, SMO, PPC. With change in customer’s buying behavior, web driven world has gained prominence. The science of advertising has revamped in terms of audience and cost of approaches on various platforms.

Publishing relevant content is an organic way to target audience and keep them engaged while establishing brand image in the prospective market. While advertising on other media like Print, Outdoor is pretty expensive and its reach is limited to the privileged audience using that particular media, whereas internet accessibility has made reaching out to people a cakewalk. The cost of promotion on digital platforms has been reduced greatly and content play a key role in the process.

As leading Digital Marketing Company in India , Sterco ideates some smart strategies to make use of content across platforms that will bolster Digital Marketing:

Wikipedia Content Creation

With over 100,000 visitors, Wikipedia is an incredible source of traffic redirection and on the top of it, Wikipedia ranks for nearly all search items being googled. Wikipedia witness poor link building because of great amount of pages and reference and this creates lucrative SEO opportunity.

Budding Authorship and Publishing

Authorship and rich snippets are vital content marketing and SEO at large. It is important to incorporate them on your official blog website. This will boost ranking of your brand name by optimizing its presence in various Google search results and will also improve click rate. This will build authority as an author of the content when it is linked to Google Plus Profile or LinkedIN, WordPress etc.

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