Google Core Algorithm Update

In the first week of August 2018, Google rolled out a core algorithm update for search results. The update was so large that it was still rolling out a week later. The update has resulted in significant fluctuations in website ranking and thousands of SEOs have been flooding discussion forums with their concerns, laments, and queries.

For the better part of the week, there was much confusion and speculation regarding the nature and scope of the update. Only when it started to slow down did Google actually confirm the update.

They stated that the update was global in nature and was aimed at giving more prominence to websites that currently hold lower search rankings and consequently get regularly undervalued. Now the fluctuations seem to settling down as tracked by various metrics though Google is largely non-committal about how to tackle the problems of plummeting ranking and loss of revenue.

According to Google’s Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan, webmasters and SEOs do not need to make any technical changes to their websites.

In fact, the company said “no fix” was required and that the best way to deal with the update was to create better quality content and give website visitors a better experience.


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