Everything about Interactive Media

The combination of graphics, electronic texts, sound files and moving images in a well-structured, digitised environment is called interactive media. The digitised environment can be telecoms, interactive digital television as well as Internet. The heavy presence of technology has helped in making media interactive. Also known as digital media, the concept has allowed people to engage with data for specific purposes.

A few people who have been a part of the humongous digital revolution know about interactive media. For new entrants, however, two important concepts to treasure are ‘media’ and ‘interactive’. These concepts are to be put across a vast array of technologically-enabled delivery channels. Every leading presentation services company in Delhi & NCR offers a range of interactive media services and solutions. Read on to know a little extra about the dynamic sector.

How the field of multimedia evolved?

Confusion about terms – multimedia, interactive multimedia, new/digital media – confound a new entrant to this dynamic field. It is better to know etymology of these terms.

  • The word multimedia denoted audio-visual industry. Use of mixed or multiple media in various analogue systems (overhead projectors or system slide shows) was known as multimedia.
  • The use of multimedia, however, was given up with the advent of digital technology.  Use of integrated digitised media gave way to the term interactive multimedia. Later, the requirement to distinguish between linear (analogue) and interactive (digital) arose.  Due to such a need, the term New/Digital Media became prevalent.
  • Also, the success of several digital social sites – MySpace, Twitter and Facebook – has given way to the concept of social media.

At present, the terms digital or interactive multimedia are widely used

Developments in the Web technology have helped shape this dynamic industry. And there is more to come as technology is growing at a relentless pace.

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