Even in Lockdown State, We Stand by E-commerce Businesses

As the coronavirus continues to spread across the country, many changes have been observed in the behavior of the consumers. Self-quarantines and escalating consumer concerns about public places have given a never-before opportunity to e-commerce businesses to flourish by leaps and bounds over the next few months.

As almost all consumers are in self-quarantine or lockdown state, they are turning to digital options as the only medium to meet all their physical shopping requirements. The change in their behavior is going to have a very long term effect on the e-commerce industry around the globe.

Consumer behavior is remarkably influenced not only by advancement in technology, but also by sociological, economic and environmental factors, that are quite evident with the current COVID-19 crisis.

Experts believe that the consumers who are making purchases using online mediums during the current COVID-19 crisis are expected to continue with their behavior in the times to come too. As a result, a whopping increase in digital sales will very clearly be observed post- COVID-19 crisis.  In these tough times of uncertainties and constant changes, if you are also operating an e-commerce business.

Sterco Digitex, as a Leading E-commerce Solutions Provider, has the following suggestions for you:

  • Keep your business information up-to-date
  • In case you have reduced your operating hours to address the safety concerns of your employees, make it clear on your website.
  • Apart from updating your website, it is also necessary to update your Google My Business profile, as your customers search for you through Google or Google Maps.
  • Clarify what extra precautions you are taking for the sake of the health of not only your employees but also the entire community.
  • Make a disclosure on your website if you are offering any special service to the community in these hard times.
  • In case you are not able to meet your delivery dues, just be transparent in your approach while explaining to the customers about what kind of expectations they should have from your services.
  • Last but not the least important factor is that you must add a bold header to the home page of your website using which your costumers can find all crucial information with ease related to COVID-19 and your operations.

AtSterco Digitex, we have been empowering e-commerce businesses for decades to convert their visitors into regular and return customers. Even in these tough times, we stand by your side with profound understanding of what it takes to make your business run smoothly.

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