eBooks – The transformation of reading

From holding a book in hands and lying under a tree to turning pages digitally on your Galaxy Note, reading has come a long way indeed..

What determines the experience of the reader is not the fact that it is paper or digital screen, it lies in how seamless the transition from one page to another goes or how beautifully the graphics blend in. When it comes to digitizing books, these factors can only be enhanced which means eBooks are far more interactive, engaging and convenient than traditional book reading. The growth of this medium and increasing demand for digital versions of exiting boos has proven that this technology is here to stay.

Advantages of Interactive eBooks

  • More comprehensive evaluation methods and instant results
  • Simplified navigation
  • comfortable night reading
  • Search for a term/ phrase in the entire eBook and get instant results
  • Interactive questions
  • Easy to carry – your iPad will save all your books without any heavy baggage
  • font adjustments to suit your comfort

In case of e-learning material, eBooks are helpful in many ways. The students get a virtual reading experience, which is more comfortable in terms of navigation, bookmarking, references, instant access to word meaning, definitions and related material. Moreover, it unburdens the teachers as the eBook takes care of the exercises. Students can self assess their performance through instant test results.

Interactive eBooks are developed using HTML5 technology y and ePub 3 format.

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