Do’s and Don’ts of Website Design & Development

Change is the only constant factor and if you look around you will find that commercial marketing scenario has undergone renovation following the emergence of websites and subsequent development of the term internet marketing. With the ever increasing number of internet users, a website designed with a professional look and feel will not only grab the attention of visitors but it can also transform these visitors into prospective customers.  Sending commercial messages via internet is an exciting option provided you have hired specialized services that can breathe new life into your venture through appropriate online representation.

A professionally designed website acts as a magic wand casting a spell of prosperity and promotion thereby hiking the credibility and popularity that your brand has in the market.  There are certain rules that every designer should religiously follow to let the magic begin, some of these are mentioned below:

Too much of everything is bad: Spending hours on inserting flashy animations, blinking texts and complicated graphics is not a very good idea as visitors may find it distracting and time consuming. The wise thing to do here is to embrace elegance and keep the website most importantly the navigation system as easy as possible.  The format should be clear so that the visitors can easily locate the information for which they have clicked the hyperlink.

Drive the pop ups away: Unlike the name this annoying feature can be a great let down distracting visitors and forcing them to browse away from your website. Not serving any fruitful purpose, pop ups can only increase the frown lines on the forehead of the visitor that would have dangerous repercussions on the expected traffic rate.

Simplicity always pays: Remember people want in -depth content that are easy to read and understand, stuffing the website with fancy fonts and hoping to give visual uniqueness is therefore a futile effort. Opt for web friendly fonts that are commonly used and are trouble-free on eyes as people are looking for comprehensive information and hardly pay attention to the beauty of the fonts.

Ride high on Systematic and Categorized structure – Crucial and determining factor of web designing is its configuration and structure and keeping it organized means half the battle is won. The offerings of your company whether products or services should be systematically arranged so that the visitor can easily get the required information. Better still; include sitemap that will ensure smooth sail doubling the chances of a visitor changing into a customer.

Avoid crowding the information-Abundance of information on a single page is definitely not characteristic feature of good quality web design. Chunking information separately in various readable sub sections gives a tidy look to the website allowing the visitor to grasp the content in a hassle free manner.

Astute use of white space – It is one of the essentials to create a great website design but ironically it is often overlooked. Contrary to the popular belief that white space is a waste of space but the truth is, its judicious use makes your website more comprehensible and gives it an elegant feel.

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