Decoding the Latest 3 Trends in E-Commerce Websites

Ecommerce websites have got immense popularity in the past one decade. Right from innovating unique ways of the product display, methodology for improving the headcount to convenient payment options, the process of ecommerce website design and development has its own requirements.

Here is a set of some hotter e-commerce website trends that provide a deeper insight into the sea of web-based gigantic retail industry-

Trend # 1: Touch based interface

Recent studies reveal that more than 49% buyers visit ecommerce sites utilizing smartphones and tablets. Therefore, online stores have brought a drastic change in their ecommerce websites development and designing in order to adapt to all leading browsers and viewing options. The user interface is designed and developed to permit continuous tweaks, thereby adding a touch of more value to the overall purchasing experience for the visitors.

Trend # 2: Mass customization

The reach of online retail websites is not limited to any specific area or part of the globe. It simply targets the whole world, and this is the reason business owners have started tapping the global markets to elevate their turnovers. This phenomenon has led to a trend of customization of the ecommerce websites that is purely based on the location of the buyers. With this, people can find the products that match to the local trends, currencies, the cost and time of shipping and the payment terms that often vary with the whereabouts of the customers.

Trend # 3: Social media networking

Even the online retail market is not untouched by the effect of social media. Almost all the major ecommerce biggies are starting-off with extensive social media marketing campaigns investing a bold amount of money, time and efforts. All this is done to optimize their profiles and increase their customers’ base. The beginning of 2016 has seen a trend of social media integration into the e-commerce websites aiming to offer a whole new social shopping experience. By way of allowing the visitors to share their favorite products instantly with a simple touch, the online retailers have had a great positive impact on their bottom line.

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