Custom Web Applications

Having problems keeping a track of customer records? Or struggling with inventory and resource related data? Every business process can be simplified and streamlined with Custom Web Applications

The most cost effective way to manage business is to convert time taking manual work into automated processes and this is possible through web application development. Custom web applications are used to manage painstaking processes such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Employee Communication and Data Sharing (Intranet), Inventory Management, Recruitment Management etc.

Using a custom web application for internal purposes will not only help you business in cost cutting and time saving aspects but will also enable you to analyze important data through reports that can be generated in a few clicks. You can easily study the pattern of saved information over the years. Moreover, since the application is designed as per your organization structure, it allows you to categorize and manage information under desired sections and sub sections.

An experienced and expert software development agency can assist you in building the web applications based on your requirement. You can also migrate or upgrade an existing application to new technology in order to enhance the functionality and compatibility of the application with other systems. You can also carry out porting of web applications to the modern technology platforms, server database porting, migration of data or legacy applications migration from stand alone to web platforms.

The web application development process includes conceptualization and structure finalization, architecture designing, user interface designing, coding, testing & quality check, installation and maintenance.

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