7 Must-have Elements for Ecommerce Websites

Various recently concluded studies have made it clear that more than 60% of online shopping enthusiasts prefer using their smartphones for shopping anything online. Hence, it is unavoidably necessary for your eCommerce website to provide your users with a smooth and hassle-free shopping experience.

As an eCommerce website owner, you must consider a large number of factors to keep your visitors engaged, and woo them to buy the products and services you deal in.

Apart from the focus on features, functionalities and overall look and feel, you need to look for ways such as credibility, strong search engine visibility, accessibility, security, and usability, in order to optimize the user experience.

This post sheds light on 7 essential features that every eCommerce website must have:

1. User

While planning your eCommerce website, you must concentrate on your users and their preferences. As an eCommerce owner, you should bear in mind that your website is the only medium through which you operate your business, having no ability to make your customers feel, touch and smell your products physically. In such a scenario, a hassle-free, fast and enhanced user experience is the only way to impress them.

2. Design and user interface

Great design and functional user interface work wonder in your efforts to impress and engage potential visitors in an effective manner. Unlike well-established brands, you have to invent and mend ways to win your customers’ confidence. And to achieve that, you will have to include so many winning elements as part of the design of the website. Some most significant elements are an easily recognizable logo, a considerable amount of products options supplanted by HD images, irresistible shopping deals, testimonials, product reviews and call to action.

3. Mobile optimization

As mentioned earlier, around 60% of users make use of their smartphones for online shopping. Keeping in view the same, you need to make sure that your eCommerce website delivers the best of browsing experience both on desktops and mobile devices. For effective mobile optimization, you must go for a responsive website to make your online store not only just good looking, but also easily accessible on all types of devices through a single code development strategy.

4. Social elements

Realizing the power of social media, you need to include social elements in your eCommerce website to:

  • Impress the customers through different types of engagements
  • Enable them to share products with their friends and relatives
  • Help users to promote your new online store and enhance its popularity
  • Gather data about your customers and track their buying behaviour.

5. Search Box

No online store can exhibit all its products on a single page. But, making a different move, you have to place branded products on the first page to impress your buyers. Provide them with a technically excellent search bar so that they can check products or services based on their specific criterions or categories. The more ease of searching you offer to your customers, the more encouraged they feel to buy the products.

6. Option to answer pre and post-sale queries and questions

While purchasing products for the first time from a new online store, customers often raise various queries and concerns. You must answer each and every pre and post-sale queries of customers on an immediate basis as it plays a great role in increasing your sales and revenue. Live chat boxes are considered to be the best arrangement to handle such queries.

7. Trust Marks

Online buyers are always very skeptical about new eCommerce websites. You need to invent ways to win their trust and confidence. Robust security features contribute a lot to enhance the credibility of a new eCommerce website. Apart from this, you also need to put on display some accreditation certificates and trust marks of well-recognized brands. The trust marks help assure customers that their personal information, as well as online transactions, are 100% secured.

The end note

Designing and developing an eCommerce website is not an ordinary task. It involves in-depth industry knowledge and vast experience in the realm of professional web development. To achieve your goal, you need the services of an experienced and reputed eCommerce website development agency . Before joining hands, looking into the portfolio of the eCommerce website development company is strongly recommendable.

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