7 Digital Marketing Trends that will Shake 2021

With the rapidly growing digitalization of the world, the arena of digital marketing is getting highly volatile and competitive with each passing day. The strategists of every digital marketing company in Delhi do a lot of brainstorming as and when a new year begins and come up with innovative ideas and strategies to boost the effect and fruitfulness of their digital marketing campaigns.

They analyze the upcoming trends, challenges, and opportunities not only to take the lead in the digital market but also live up to their clients’ expectations.

The conventional methodologies of marketing that used to be effective in the past have now become completely obsolete with almost no relevance in the modern digital world. Even in digital marketing, the techniques that yielded better results last year might not be that fruitful this year due to the dynamism of the digital platforms.

Based on a comprehensive analysis of the ongoing and emerging trends, this blog discusses some of the most effective and efficient digital marketing trends that are likely to shake 2021:

1 – Social media will keep engaging and retaining customers

During the COVID-19 pandemic, marketers around the globe have focused very much on retaining customers, and this is going to continue in the year ahead too. The pandemic has almost tripled the amount of time people spend on the web helping marketers to have a deep peep into how they are searching for products, services, brands, and companies.

This paradigm shift in consumer habits has created a new set of opportunities to grab new customers through social media via a content-rich marketing campaign carried by a competent digital marketing agency in Delhi or any other part of the country.

2 – More personalization is a new expectation

A recently concluded study on consumer behavior says that despite serious privacy concerns, around 72% of online buyers will be responding only to personalized marketing campaigns. The online shoppers’ community is no longer interested in subscribing to mass-blasted bulk email campaigns. In the year 2021, organizations will have a focus on customized customer communications while providing their customers with stuff based strictly on their interests, behavior, and preferences. And finally, the job will come to the professionals associated with the best digital marketing company in Delhi for effective and efficient execution.

3 – Automated bidding for Google Ads

Although automated bidding on Google Ads emerged in the year 2016, it is expected to come into full form in 2021. The year 2020 might be the last year when professionals associated with the best digital marketing agency in Delhi and other cities manually tweaked their online ad campaigns for better performance. The most remarkable aspect of automated bidding is that it can tweak and optimize any ad more effectively and efficiently than any human resource.

4 – SEO for Voice Search

Voice search without any doubt is going to be the next frontier of SEO. No sophisticated user now likes to type in the search bar. Everyone wants to use the voice search option. Voice-assisted AI assistants are the new unfailing weapon that any digital marketing company in Delhi can use to power up its campaign. Recently, it has also been found that voice searches yield results that are different from those that text-based searches render. When it comes to capturing more of the organic market share, voice search is going to be a game-changer in the year to come.

5 – Content Matters

Years come and go but what remains unchanged and constant in the ever-changing digital marketing is the power of high-quality content. Each digital marketing agency in Delhi should take note of the fact that content is always a king in any digital marketing campaign. In the year 2021, it is going to achieve another level of heights as well as importance.

Commanding never-before respect in every form of digital marketing, content based on creativity, skill, and knowledge is going to make a big difference. Not just writing, highly interactive content such as analysis of things and deeper discussions are already a part of the proven and fruitful digital marketing campaigns.

6 – Mobile Apps are all set to replace websites

It is an open secret that mobile applications have already proved their mettle in the digital world. Every smartphone user has dozens of apps in their handset. Be it banking, shopping, any medical consultation, learning, or any other day-to-day life activity, mobile apps are a part and parcel of everybody’s life.

Apps have become a single point source of information for people belonging to different walks of life. Experts are of the view that apps are all set to replace websites. Therefore, the inclusion of mobile apps in all the digital marketing strategies made by the leading digital marketing company in Delhi is simply unavoidable.

7 – Chatbots and AI

Chatbots and a large number of other artificial intelligence-based technology and techniques are going to continue as a very critical part of any marketing campaign created by any digital marketing agency in Delhi. It is quite clear and evident that the future is going to be more AI-centric with interaction as the key. Some recent surveys show that chatbots and other AI-based techniques are going to power up more than 85% of customer experience by the end of 2021.

Concluding Remarks

In a year that was filled with so many ‘never-seen-before’ changes, digital marketing has witnessed a new set of habits and behaviors not only from customers but also unique demands from brands. It is positively anticipated that the year 2021 is also going to see a continued transformation in the field of digital marketing. It would be a year in which the innovative use of technology, powerfully written meaningful content, customer-centric digital marketing strategies, and creative ideas will either be making or breaking a brand.

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