6 Changes to Skyrocket Your SEO Rankings

In the fast-shifting contemporary world, SEO techniques are also changing with each passing day. All business owners want their websites in the top search engines, and as a result, SEO professionals also face the heat and pressure of performance. This post discusses 6 latest SEO changes that yield encouraging and satisfactory results:

1. Create better user experience across the entire website

Internet users never like a spammy website which takes a lot of time in loading. When users leave your websites within seconds, the bounce rate on your website gets higher. Although Google has never officially declared it, there is enough evidence that all search engines including Google surely give SEO mileage to the websites that have a low bounce rate. And there is only one formula for low bounce rate – better user experience on the entire website.

2. Format and optimize the content

Always remember – the more the readers on your website, the lower the bounce rate. Lower bounce rate means the visitors are spending time on your website. If the content on your website does not offer easy readability, just format and then optimize it. It is high-quality readable content that makes your readers or visitors stay on your website.

3. Analyze and rework your current design

Poor usability and cumbersome user experience always result in a high bounce rate. However, sometimes it becomes very difficult to find out where exactly the issues are because this problem varies from website to website. Anyway, just get your website reviewed by people having great taste for websites. Everything is important right from design aesthetics to content and graphics. Just analyze everything and rework if needed.

4.Site speed is a ranking factor

A few years ago, Google officially made an announcement that it would be considering the speed of a website as a ranking factor. And the trend still continues. As a result, the speed of any website is playing a significant role in search engine optimization process because visitors don’t afford to wait for long to get the information they’re in search of.


3 most significant tools which Google has launched to monitor and improve site speed include the following:

  • PageSpeed Insights
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages Project
  • Think with Google

5.Provide your visitors with optimized voice Search

It might come to you as a surprise that more than 50% searches would be coming through voice search by the end of next year. It simply means more than half of the total visitors would be using voice search mode than typing, to search for anything on the internet. You have to equip your website with an easy and efficient voice research feature for better SEO mileage

6. In place of keywords, focus on topic clusters

Needless to say, Google is evolving each passing day with its algorithm. Now the search engine giant’s intention is to comprehend the intention of all users including what they are searching, what they are in need of, what they are expecting, and more precisely what are the best results which can better address their queries and concerns.

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