4 Digital Marketing Trends that are Creating an Uproar

In the past 5 years, digital marketing has witnessed a growth like never before. Today, it has become a significant weapon in the hands of business owners, which they use for promoting their products and services online. With the continuous advancement in the realms of mobile marketing and social media, the scope of digital marketing has increased by leaps and bounds.

This post describes all the latest trends in digital marketing which can help businesses capture their online objectives more effectively:

1. “Omnichannel” Marketing

The term “Omnichannel” has become a buzzword these days. To understand it best, you can compare “Omnichannel” with the term “Multichannel.” In an omnichannel digital marketing strategy, many marketing touch points are established so that they can reinforce each other in order to provide customers with ease throughout their buying journey. For instance, you can make use of social media as a channel to drive potential buyers to your online store, and email as a channel to raise leads.

Here are some significant channels you can explore as part of your omnichannel digital marketing strategy:

  • Ephemeral video (such as Facebook and Instagram stories)
  • Podcasts, Smartphone apps, Live broadcasts
  • Live chat and SMS
  • Press releases
  • Offline ads and direct mails (they’re making a comeback)
  • Offline events, Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

2.Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) across the globe is considered to be a new-age technology which is as standard as smartphones these days. Away from the entailments of the globally popular science fiction TV programs and films, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be deployed to very efficiently collect data regarding a particular situation utilizing sensors and even human inputs. The collected information can then be analyzed and utilized to simplify various processes.

3. Chatbots

These days, Chatbots can be seen almost everywhere, right from commercial websites to mobile applications as well as social media newsfeeds. Chatbots serve a large number of purposes, but mostly they find their use in answering simple queries or extending support to a user to accomplish a routine task. Some companies deploy chatbots as virtual assistants or digital concierges too.

Uses for chatbots have always been emerging right since their initial development. As per the latest trends, they are being heavily used for:

  • Knowledgebase research
  • Talent recruiting
  • Self-service
  • Accessibility
  • Lead qualification
  • Shopping assistance
  • Website browsing guidance

Chatbots can be of immense use even for small businesses. There are a large number of third-party conversational AI platforms which small businesses can leverage:

  • Greeting their valued visitors
  • Answering their queries
  • Solving petty issues
  • Encouraging them to make a purchase.

4.Personalized Marketing Content

According to Forbes, around 90% of people in the United States find personalised marketing content very appealing. More than 44% of consumers seem to be willing to repeat purchases from the company that provides them with a personalised shopping experience.

Personalized marketing content offers the following advantages:

  • Improved customer experience
  • Enhanced brand loyalty
  • More revenue
  • Cross-channel selling opportunities
  • Brand consistency

All in all, personalization is going to be the first and foremost tool for the optimization of conversion rate in each and every marketing channel. As the provider of top digital marketing services in Noida, we have started including even the following tools in our digital marketing strategy:

  • Personalized video messages
  • Personalized digital advertising
  • Personalized product recommendations
  • Personalized social media messages
  • Web content personalization
  • Targeted and triggered emails
  • Advanced email personalization
  • Automated contact segmentation

The businesses giving priority to personalized marketing content for their customers will reap more rewards and benefits.

Sterco Digitex is a top digital marketing company in Noida offering result-oriented digital marketing solutions. To stay updated about the latest trends in digital marketing, please keep visiting our blog.

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