Understanding ecommerce

Commerce generally refers to any activity or group of activities that are undertaken to facilitate the exchange of goods, products or services between two entities referred to as business and earn profit in the process. Broadly speaking, any type of business or segment larger or smaller that allows a firm or an individual to conduct business using an electronic media, specifically internet is called e-commerce. E-commerce or electronic commerce caters to all four kinds of market segments namely:

  • B2B – Business to Business
  • B2C – Business to Consumer
  • C2C – Consumer to Consumer
  • C2B – Consumer to Business

Ecommerce has now become an integral part of most of the business units. From footwear to apparels, herbal products to cosmetics, medicines to food and beverages everything is being purchased as well as sold online. In order to be a forerunner every business now needs a website that facilitates business over the internet.

To facilitate the process of ecommerce many IT companies have started the work of ecommerce website development. However, in order to get a good ecommerce website designed and developed for your business, you should bear following points in your mind.

Branding: Logo and motive of your business should be clearly visible on the website.

Information: Be clear about the functioning of your business. Make sure you have latest info about the business you are trading in.

Access: Visitors on your website should easily be able to locate the important functions such as login, exit, and place order.

Graphics: The graphics on your website should be of high resolution so that user shall enjoy the browsing experience. And if possible put latest pictures related to your products and business.

Concise: Website should be crisp and focussed on your core functions. In short, nothing distracting should be there.

Although, these points are important to get an effective and suitable website still, you should insist on getting your website designed and developed by professionals. There are many companies who have a long experience in developing, designing and maintaining all kinds of websites.

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