7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Responsive Website

You might have heard the term responsive web design or responsive website before, which is gaining popularity these days. A responsive website is said to be one that makes use of page elements such as flexible images, flexible layouts, and cascading style sheet media queries. Such site has the capability of automatically detecting the user’s device and adjusting itself according to the available screen size on a laptop, mobile or tablet. Such a website eliminates the need for pinching or horizontal scrolling. These sites provide a uniform browsing experience to the user irrespective of the device he/she is using.

We have listed below seven important reasons why your business needs a responsive website:

1. An increasing number of people are using mobile for net surfing

This is not a hidden fact today that a large number of people are using their mobile phones for surfing the internet. The prevalence of smartphones is a big contributing factor in this trend. Studies show that 77% of mobile searches happen at home or at work, even when there is a PC available nearby. A responsive web portal provides the opportunity of tapping this emerging market.

2. Higher user engagement

As per Google’s Think Insights about smartphones and tabs, if any mobile user visits your website and finds it to be inconvenient to use due to its non-responsive design, there are 71% chances of the user leaving your site almost immediately. However, a responsive website offers a solid 59% chance of the user spending time on your site and showing interest in your products and services.

3. High page rank or PR assigned by Google

A responsive website can provide you with SEO benefits as these sites enjoy a high PR. Google prefers responsive sites over the normal sites because such sites load faster and they eliminate the need for multiple URLs of the same site for different devices.

4. Saving of time and resources

Having different sites for different devices means extra effort for your designers and developers. A responsive site saves your team the headache of designing multiple versions of the same portal which is, frankly speaking, a wasteful effort. It also increases the ROI.

5. Non-responsive website hits your business’s reputation

In today’s world when more and more people are making use of mobile phones for web browsing, it has become essential for businesses to have a responsive site design. If your business website does not confirm to this standard, then the mobile users might feel frustrated with it; it also sends a negative message that the company doesn’t care much about its venture and is not updated. If this continues, this will hit your business’s reputation.

6. Responsive web design gives you an edge over the competition

A responsive site may provide you an edge over your competitors who have not yet moved to such design. According to, there are at least 97% of small and medium scale companies that have still not adopted a responsive web design. By adopting such design in your business web portal(s), you can surely get a lead.

7. Increase in conversion rate

Mobile sites increase your online visibility and they also possess a stronger call to action. These factors result in the increase in number of business enquiries or sales leads and a subsequent rise in the conversion rate.

After going through the above seven points it becomes quite evident that if a business has to make progress in today’s competitive world, then it must embrace a responsive web design.


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